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Escape Artist Socials Image Lindsey Tram

Escape with Francophile and

author Lindsey Tramuta

Season 1, Ep. 9

Today’s guest in Paris-based travel writer and bestselling author, Lindsey Tramuta.


After studying French literature and becoming enamoured with the language, Lindsey packed up her bags and moved from Philadelphia to Paris in 2006.


Lindsey contributes to The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Afar, Travel & Leisure, Bon Appétit, and Fortune Magazine. She’s also the acclaimed author behind the widely popular book The New Paris, which celebrates the creative movement changing the shape of the world’s most storied city.  


Lindsey’s recently released follow up, The New Parisienne, is equally illuminating, as she explores the women and ideas influencing the French capital today – as well as taking on the tired tropes of the idealized Parisian woman.


After calling Paris home for 14 years and writing two books on the subject, you’ll be hard pressed to find an expat who is more of an expert on French culture. So fellow Francophiles, here’s your chance to explore Paris like a local and to get a real feel for the city beyond its grand boulevards, museums and monuments. We’ll cycle through lesser-known neighbourhoods, explore Left Bank bookstores and get a taste of the city’s evolving culinary scene.  






Le Perche, Normandy


D’une Île, Normandy


11th Arrondissement




Le Mary Celeste




Canal Saint-Martin


Ten Belles




Belleville Brûlerie




13th Arrondissement




L'Homme Bleu


Goutte d’Or


Hotel de Crillon


Shakespeare and Company


Jardin du Palais Royal


Jardin du Luxembourg


Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore


Treize Bakery




Boulevard Saint-Germain


Institut du Monde Arabe


The Grande Mosquée de Paris 




Boulevard Beaumarchais




Cafe Mericourt


Helwayat Al-Salam, Bierut


Beit Douma




If you loved Lindsey’s episode, you can find more of her refreshing insights into life in Paris and French culture at


You can purchase The New Paris: The People, Places and Ideas Fuelling a Movement here and her recently released The New Parisienne: The Women and Ideas Shaping Paris here.


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